• Dear Patients and Friends, 

    Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North serves a unique purpose in the continuum of healthcare in our community. We partner with patients and their families, physicians, other hospitals and nursing facilities. Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North cares for medically complex, severely ill patients who may be ventilator-dependent and require treatment for wounds, brain injuries or other conditions. We treat patients who require care at a higher level than skilled nursing can provide and are unable to recover complete in the traditional, or short-term acute care hospital setting.

    Because of the catastrophic nature of our patients' illnesses and the usual length of their stays at Kindred, we form a close bond of cooperation and coordination with family members and other loved ones. Even as we apply the latest technology and the most innovative proven techniques in an effort to restore health, our focus remains on the humanity and dignity of our patients and their families.

    Technology with a human touch. . . . That is our goal.

    Nakia Tremble
    Chief Executive Officer
    Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North

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